Restricted Master Key Systems


Before we install a system, we create your own unique master key schedule, by surveying every door, then discussing with you exactly how you want it to work. Ofcourse a copy is supplied to you to keep track of the system.

User Friendly:

All our lock cylinders are stamped with door numbers, and all keys are clearly stamped for easy identification, or cross reference I.D.


It makes absolutely no difference to us (or the price) how many levels of keys you wish to have. Our prices include the supply, keying and installation of all, regardless of complexity.

Loss Prevention:

No key shall be cut without the appropriate signature appearing on a basic letterhead document (preferably faxed). You can choose to have your Restricted Keys either hand delivered, posted or collected from our showroom.

Home Security


Deadlocks are a cheap, simple to use and effective means of securing your family home. They provide added physical security for your door. Which means it makes the job tougher to break in from the outside, with the added benefit of stopping the exit of intruders to offload goods from the inside.

Deadlocks are available with different functions, they come in a variety of usually 4 different colours. We stock ALL in our vans, giving you the choice to decide, when we arrive to carry out an installation.

Brands include Lockwood, Chubb, Brava, ADI, and Carbine.

Window Locks:

Statistics always show that windows are the most common method of entry by intruders. Window locks are also a cheap and effective means of security. They give strong defence against attacks.

Ajax Locksmiths carry all types of window locks in the most popular finishes.

Brands include, Whitco, Lockwood, Chubb and Guardian.

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Office Security

If you work in an office in one of the busy CBD's in Sydney, no doubt, you or someone in your building has had their handbag or laptop stolen. What is even more likely is that intruders have simply strolled in during business hours, while you were present, and simply walked out without you realising who they were.

Unfortunately if staff are using the main entry to exit for coffee breaks or use facilities, a cumbersome lock set up does not get utilised.

The solution to this problem is to make security QUICK and SIMPLE to use, but effective enough to exclude unwanted visitors.

An electronic self-lockable lock, using a simple code pad (which takes 2 seconds to open) including a release button on the inside, can be fitted to your door for less than $1000.

Brands include Padde, Nidac, Lockwood, Ryobi and Dorma.

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